St Charles New York celebrates the launch of the St. Charles Collection in their newly renovated showroom. Read all about it in Business of Home.

In their first-ever kitchen issue, October’s House Beautiful tapped St. Charles New York’s Creative Director Karen Williams to weigh in on what distinguishes a kitchen designer. Listing her as an expert, the magazine quotes Karen, “The kitchen is like an orchestra. If you don’t have a few instruments, you really notice the difference.”

Architectural Digest’s AD Pro sits down with St. Charles New York for an exclusive discussion on the brand’s launch of the St. Charles Collection featuring three styles: STC No. 1, 2, and 3. The new streamlined, layered, and edited collections are a turning point for the historic company, which seeks to both simplify and “bring joy” to the kitchen design process.

Karen Williams discusses the evolution of modern kitchen design with Business of Home, using her four decades at St. Charles New York as a guide.

Cabinet style and color are key when renovating kitchens for resale, St. Charles New York co-owner Karen Williams tells Forbes.

Kitchen & Bath Design News taps Williams as one of the nation’s top 50 Innovators who are driving the industry forward.

Exotic materials, luxury hardware are in demand for new kitchens, Williams tells Luxe Interiors + Design’s Future Forecast.

Soaring in both elegance and scale, the St. Charles kitchen of a Westchester estate makes the “Best and the Brightest” cover of Robb Report Home & Style.

St. Charles New York is the global winner of Sub-Zero Wolf’s annual kitchen design contest. The contemporary kitchen, published widely, was deemed “best of the best.”

For decades, St. Charles New York has participated in the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse providing kitchen epicenters with designs ranging from its refined metal-framed with built-in hardware Classic design to a more traditional yet relevant white kitchen.