Explore our Custom Studio: boundless possibilities for modern, luxurious living.

Each custom St. Charles kitchen starts with a blank piece of paper, its design powered by imagination and savoir faire. Whether matching cabinetry color to a prized automobile or evoking a beloved family heirloom through choice of veneer, passion and individuality are the cornerstone of the St. Charles kitchen.

For decades, St. Charles has been the standard bearer in innovation and style. Admired for intelligent solutions and unmatched quality, St. Charles is the destination both for renowned architects and designers, as well as homeowners with a discerning eye. As such, you will find St. Charles kitchens the world over, in all kinds of homes—from urban lofts to country estates. St. Charles is like a quiet, understated signature that only the educated eye will recognize, but one that everyone will admire.

The company’s commitment to service and integrity have distinguished St. Charles as the trusted, beloved go-to for the heart of the home.

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Westchester, New York
Tribeca, New York
Palm Beach, Florida
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