Our Showroom is open by appointment to serve your needs. Read More.

Our Showroom is open by appointment to serve your needs.

St. Charles is delighted to welcome you back. Our showroom is now open daily, Monday through Friday, on an appointment basis to serve all your needs. You may schedule your appointment here on our website or by calling the showroom.

Our showroom experience will provide you with the high level of attention and service that our Company is known for while at the same time providing safeguards for the health of our clients and staff that meet and exceed New York City guidelines. Please note, we are also ready to engage with you in whatever method you are most comfortable, be it by telephone or a Zoom introduction.

As we celebrate 85 years of American excellence, we look forward to welcoming you back!

A modern take on prewar New York architecture informs the STC No. 2, which boasts a classic panel door and proprietary flush hinges, giving the kitchen an elegant, fresh twist. The square hinge, which was conceived by St Charles New York, is integrated into the bead; instead of being proud of the cabinet, the hinge fits seamlessly into the door, delivering a classical and tailored facade. Hand painted brush stroke finishes are offered in a neutral range, strié finishes are available in Tranquility, Platinum, and Almondine, while wood offerings include walnut and oak. STC Collection hardware, with its multifaceted silhouettes, act as perfectly proportioned jewels set into the cabinetry.

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